Blue Denim Cotton Waste

Blue denim cotton waste is made of 100% pure cotton. We provide both thick and thin yarn waste to you without any contamination and other impurity. The available colours are black, blue and navy blue and its family.


  • The denim is made of 100% pure cotton
  • Available colours are: black, blue, navy blue and its family
  • Mixing is approximately 40% unsized and 60% sized.
  • Various quality tests passed and hydraulic pressed, can be supplied up to 1000 MT per month
  • Finest quality denim cotton waste at even-handed price
  • Available in standard bale packaging of 160-170 kg
  • Quality assured and on-time delivery


  • It can be reprocessed into other yarns and products that are durable and comfy
  • It can be used for cleaning in various industries