Cotton Yarn

Cotton yarn is prepared by twisting and spinning raw cotton to make it stronger and durable. It is very soft, lightweight, and breathable and hence is ideal for baby clothes and wipes. It absorbs moisture and is easy to wear in summer as well as winter. The fabric made of cotton is extremely comfortable, long-lasting and can be worn in every weather. Cotton apparels are machine washable and in fact get softer over the time.

We provide you with 100% pure cotton yarn prepared by the topmost class of handpicked cotton. We are known to deliver the best cotton yarn to most textile industries in India as well as in other foreign countries. With the best cotton farms present in our locale, we guarantee you the purity, quality and durability of our product. We accept bulk orders from India and outside, and supply superior cotton yarn according to your specifications.

The available specifications for cotton yarn are

Variety Counts
Hosiery carded 10s to 40s Ne
Combed 16s to 60s Ne
Weaving carded 10s to 40s Ne
Combed 16s to 100s Ne
Open End 2s to 30s Ne

Tyre cord - 2/2/14, 2/4/13, 2/14 & 4/14

Size Counts    
10"/1" 9.85 count 1.29%C.V % 233.50
16"/1" 15.90 count 1.42%C.V% 141.51
34"/1" 33.95 count 1.65% C.V% 63.18
40"/1" 40.60 count 1.75% C.V% 54.18