Lycrine Cotton Waste

Lycrine cotton waste is a by-product of yarn spinning process and is drawn out of Lycrine from Ring spun mills in 30s – 50s count. It is also known as 100% cotton.

Lycrine cotton waste is rich in fiber and is low-priced, hence it is ideal for low count yarn spinning (7s – 21s).


  • Lycrine is rich in fiber and low in cost
  • It is ideal for 7s – 21s count open end spinning
  • Various quality tests passed and hydraulic pressed, can be supplied up to 1000 MT per month
  • Finest quality lycrine cotton waste at even-handed price
  • Available in standard bale packaging of 160-170 kg
  • Quality assured and on-time delivery


  • It is used in low count open end spinning
  • It is also used in towel and denim yarn


Variety Lycrine A Grade Lycrine B Grade
Length 25-26mm 22-24mm
Mic 3.5-4.0 3.2-3.8
Trace 20-25% 30-35%
Color Natural Natural