Thread Cotton Waste

Thread cotton waste or cotton yarn waste or cotton hard waste is another derivative of cotton combing process. It has a wide range of applications for cleaning in heavy industries, mining industry, vehicle manufacturing industries, printing presses, hardware manufacturing, and textile industries.

The yarn cotton waste offered by us is 100% trash free and is used to make open end yarn of count ranging between 25s – 50s. Thread waste is just like low grade cotton, except it is trash free and economical.


  • Completely trash free as compared to low grade cotton
  • It is damage-free, long-lasting, lightweight, and water absorbent
  • Various quality tests passed and hydraulic pressed, can be supplied up to 400MT per month
  • Finest quality cotton thread waste at even-handed price
  • Available in standard bale packaging of 160-170 kg
  • Quality assured and on-time delivery


  • It is used as a cleaning material in various heavy industries like automobile, textile, marine, etc.
  • Used to make mats, cloth wipes, mops, etc.

Comparison Chart

Thread Waste Cotton Low Grade Cotton
Length 26mm + 26mm +
Mic 3+ 2.6 to 2.9
Trash 0% 4 to 5%
Moisture Natural 8%
Color Natural Natural


Color Natural
Mic. 3+
Material Cotton
Staple Length Min 26mm +
Trash 0%