Comber Noil

Comber Noil is the short fiber extracted as a by-product of the yarn spinning or cotton combing process. The removed noil is trash free, and therefore has abundant applications as a raw material for numerous products in pharmaceutical/surgical sector and cosmetic industry. It is also extensively used in currency manufacturing and open-end yarn spinning.

The comber noil, bleached and unbleached, delivered by us is contamination free, hydraulic pressed and is drawn out of 100% pure and finest quality of cotton. The quality of our product is at par with international standards.


  • It is free of any impurities
  • It is damage-free, long-lasting, and light
  • Various quality tests passed and hydraulic pressed
  • Finest quality noil at even-handed price
  • Available in standard bale packaging of 160-170 kg
  • Quality assured and on-time delivery


  • Open-end yarn spinning
  • Pharmaceuticals and surgicals
  • Cotton balls, cotton pads and other hygienic products
  • Cosmetic products


Verity Cotton Comber noil
Length 15 to 21 m.m.
Strength 17 to 19 gpt.
Mic. 2.5 to 3.5 ncl.
Trash 00%