Roving Cotton Waste

Cotton roving is a roll of long and thin strand that are made during the practise of making spun yarn from cotton. They are drawn and warped into yarn either manually or mechanically to some precise lengths appropriate for intended purpose. Roving is mainly used for spinning, specialised knitting and various textile arts.


  • Yarn count ranges between 30s – 50s
  • It is damage-free, long-lasting, lightweight, and water absorbent
  • Various quality tests passed and hydraulic pressed, can be supplied up to 150 MT per month
  • Finest quality cotton roving waste at even-handed price
  • Available in standard bale packaging of 160-170 kg
  • Quality assured and on-time delivery


  • It is used in spinning mills
  • It is used in specialised knitting
  • It is used in textile art


Span Length 31mm
Strength 26 grams/tex
Mic 3.5 to 4.0
Color Natural
Trash 0%